3D projection and Stereovision

Catopsys 3D Projection and Stereo vision harness a combination of immersive technologies to create an environment in which users are completely surrounded by sound and images combining 3D projection and stereoscopic visualisation. Users can interact with these images.


A full relief installation featuring a tracking system dedicated to an Installation room, with relief images and tracking system, plus sound.

Catopsys technology can easily be set up in any room and be transported to another environment. It requires no infrastructure as heavy as the traditional immersive cubes and it can be set up in just a few hours.

open Architecture

ICONE open architecture


  • project any image, video or digitized scene,
  • support spatialized sound tracks and modulate their reverb levels,
  • use projectors best suited to the actual image quality required, both for direct and indirect projection, from 90° to 360°, with or without ceiling and floor projection,
  • use any control device and interface,
  • interact collaboratively with other immersive spaces,
  • be upgraded from an initial set-up to more sophisticated uses and environments

Fonctions principales

ICONE main features

  • Interactive 3D calibration of the projection environment
  • Real-time adjustment of media to project depending on the projection environment
  • Supports all user marking and tracking devices for adapting image perspective to user’s position
  • Supports all image formats, video and real-time 3D engines
  • Compatible with HD or 4K projectors equipped with stereoscopic vision device
  • Compatible with a wide range of interactive virtual reality devices including tablets, smartphones, game controllers, haptic gloves, and more…
  • Compatible with all Wand interaction devices

Catopsys architecture, which is easy to upgrade, integrate and manage, can provide solutions for limited budgets and achieve acceptable returns on investment.

Here is an example of a CAVE system with stereovision realized by our partner VELDIS Experience in Singapore. To project on 3 walls and the ground, our partner uses a configuration with Catopsys technology, a single projector and a mirror fixed to the ceiling