Catopsys Fab Lab

Catopsys FabLab
Fab Lab is currently being designed and developed. The first version is scheduled for release in February 2014. A collaborative design and pre-ordering system has been set up for purchasing Fab Lab .

Catopsys wants to promote the experience and development of next generation immersive content in conjunction with designers, engineers, developers, students, artists, film producers, etc… To succeed, we are looking to form partnerships with Research Centres, but we also want to make immersive environments as pervasive and accessible to the greatest number of users as possible.

Catopsys Fab Lab is a set of the basic components you need to develop an immersive system prototype. Users will be able to develop immersive applications or content, and quality test them, using the tools made available in Fab Lab.

  • Projection tent
  • 1 projector + 1 mirror
  •  SDK
  • Online technical support