Siggraph Asia – 28/11-01/12/2012

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Siggraph Asia – 28/11-01/12/2012

CATOPSYS: A Breakthrough in 3D Immersive Visualization

Siggraph AsiaCatopsys in partnership with Veldis Experience are proud to bring to you a new experience of immersive visualization during the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 exhibition.

Catopsys is the 3D cubed immersion solution which is 3D on 3D in 3D. With specific calibration, it can project a 3D content (real panorama or virtual scene) on any 3D environment with any processes of interaction and 3D visualization (sensors of position, stereoscopy).

Based on this concept of 3D on 3D in 3D, the benefits for the user include faster analysis and interpretation of spatial data, implication of the totality of the brain for an improved retention of the attention, realistic and intuitive navigation in an environment on the human scale and focus on your data and not on the technology.

In terms of its application areas, they can include flight simulator, fight simulator, product development and design, safety and technical training, virtual visit of a place of interest, tool for event (fairs, digital arts etc.), sport centers, projection of panoramic photos, interactive attraction in a museum, immersive video gaming room, and any application which requires to have users “inside” or immersed in the data.

Accordingly to the CEO and founder of Catopsys, Daniel Duhautbout, he claims Catopsys is breaking the technological barriers between virtual reality contents and users. That is not about  a simple flat deformation on the surface of projection, but this puts in relation every point of the matrix projector with its 3D address in the space of projection “We are proud to announce the launch of Catopsys at Siggraph Asia. The first version is already very impressive and we’ll continue to release new innovative features, but we expect that the most impressive innovations will come from the new ways that our partners will develop virtual reality applications. We are committed to support our partners in this direction and to provide them with the technology and the support they need”.

Veldis Experience is the local partner for Catopsys who will provide the upfront support to the users in this part of the world. The CEO and Co-Founder, Sew June Sung strongly believes that this 3D cubed immersive solution will bring about a new paradigm as far as immersive visualization is concerned. It may change the traditional perception that immersive systems are highly complicated and costly to implement. With Catopsys, this perception may no longer be valid anymore.

About Veldis Experience Pte Ltd
Veldis Experience is an innovative provider of 3D Interactive Digital Media solutions. We create tailor-made applications for our clients in partnership with subject matter experts or SME. We use different techniques of gamification in order to create the most engaging learning and visualization experiences. Veldis strives to become the leading interactive 3D solutions and services provider in Singapore and beyond with a mission to provide unique user experiences through innovative solutions and services
Sew June Sung
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About Catopsys SAS
Catopsys is a startup the technology of which comes from research laboratories of the University of Auvergne in France. We develop immersive visualization solutions, compatible with any medias, with any 3D engines, in any space of projection and with any interactive devices. On this technological base, our partners will develop new ways of using virtual reality applications.
Daniel Duhautbout
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