Catopsys develops solutions for real-time panoramic projection and visualisation of images, videos or 3D scenes to enhance the immersive experience in virtual environments thanks to 3D calibration technology that adapts to any kind of projection environment. This immersive vision is further enhanced by a surround sound system.

The combination of these innovative immersive technologies and the business and industrial skills of Catopsys partners allows us to offer immersive solutions for limited budgets. These solutions are simple to install, operate and move.

Catopsys technology is open to all content formats and is compatible with all interactive devices and virtual reality content. This open-ended architecture will facilitate innovation in the use and creation of new content in a wide variety of fields.

Universal deployment

universal deployment
First and foremost, Catopsys technology relies on accuratelycalibrating the environment in which virtual reality applications will be used. This means hardware and software can be set up on-site in just a few hours. The immersive environment could be a room ready for 360° immersion, a wall for 180° projection, a CAVE, a dome, etc., either with or without floor and ceiling projection.

No matter what the environment is, accurate calibration is crucial for implementing exactly the right immersive hardware configurations for image (multiple projection sources, direct or catadioptric projection, omnidirectional or limited solid angle projection, stereo or normal, on-screen visualisations, etc…), sound, and any interactive devices used.

Because it is adaptable and scalable, Catopsys technology can be used for an initial application, and then upgraded to other immersive applications.

User friendly

user friendly
Your immersive application can either rely on the Catopsys SDK or on your current 3D engine SDK. Catopsys applications can be run from simple tablet or smartphone interfaces.

If initial calibration accuracy is lost, we make powerful calibration adjustment tools available to you that can be used by your own technicians, so there is no need to call in Catopsys engineers. Our engineers can also perform remote calibration.

A simple network connection to the Catopsys Server provides automated maintenance services.

Energy savings: the system is far less energy-consuming because it uses fewer video projectors and computers than standard immersive cubes.

Open & Innovation

Open to Innovation
Catopsys technologies let you use content from any source and in any format (images, video or 3D scenes). Catopsys was developed natively for the Ogre real-time 3D engine environment and we are gradually making it compatible with the majority of 3D engines on the market (Unity, 3DVia, Cry Engine, etc…). Users can either develop their applications using the SDKs specific to these engines or using the Catopsys SDK.

What’s true for image also applies to sound and interactive devices, for which we have developed compatibility with VRPN standards.

Innovation will come mainly from application solution developers who build our technology into their solutions to make them even more immersive and powerful. Our partnership programme will facilitate this development.

Facile à transporter

easy to move
Catopsys does not require heavy, stationary installations like CAVEs, since Catopsys can be set up quickly in any environment. If you need to travel, the equipment required (projectors, computers, mirrors, interactive devices , etc…) is simply taken down and set up again. It only takes a few hours to recalibrate the application to its new environment.

Catopsys technology limits the number of projectors required (compared to a CAVE) thus providing a smaller footprint .