1. Defence

    Maximise operational efficiency for command centres, simulations and training.

    • economical solution for life like training session.
    • Panoramic simulation integration directly in the weapon system heart from the design.
    • realism and adaptability

    Set up in any place

    user friendly

    Innovation oriented

    easy to carry

  2. Maximise operational efficiency for command centres, simulation and training.

    The military and general security forces need to optimise the immersive experience in several applications:

    • Command centres: immersion provides a rapid grasp of tactical situations and supports fast, efficient decision-making.
      • The transportability and affordable price of Catopsys installations makes them feasible for field command positions
      • These same features mean that training centres can be multiplied to improve the operational skills of the command teams.


    • Simulation and training
      • Situational simulation for special forces, machine or combat vehicle drivers, etc., either in small rooms or hangars, facilitates and enhances troops’ operational skills before field training begins.
      • Because the Catopsys immersive structure is easy to install and use, students do not need to be moved to a training centre: the immersive system can be easily set up right where the troops are.

    You have questions about our technology, the expected benefits of a full immersion of your users, you have a project, … contact us by sending an email to contact@catopsys.com .