1. Engineering offices, R&D

    immersive collaborative cube

    • Panoramic pictures visualisation from your 3D models
    • Collaboration of several consulting firms on a project with appropriate budgets
    • Immersive training tool.

    Set up in any place

    user friendly

    Innovation oriented

    easy to carry



    Whatsoever you are working in the automotive , aviation, space or energy industry, your engineer offices and R&D services :

    • conceptualize, realise designs and build prototypes of new 3D products before the production kick off.
      • Catopsys’ immersive solutions provide preview and immersion in your 3D models to help further improvements.
      • The tight budget of a Catopsys environment allows to establish collaborative organisations with several distant or local immersive environnements.
    • Conceptualize industrial sites
      • Setting panoramic immersion can make quickly understandable the impact of a designed volume originally made with 3D tools
      • On this basis, it is significantly easier to implement immersive training tools for those who will manage and upkeep the industrial site
    • Besides, interaction between commercial teams and prospects is far more convenient supported by an immersion into an interactive 3D product model and visual demonstration of its functionality.

    Do you have suggestions or questions, please send us an email to contact@catopsys.com.