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Meta description : Transform your leisure activities and entertainment into an immersive, individualised and interactive experience.

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  1. Leisure & Entertainment

    An immersive, individualised and interactive experience

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    You have already seen major 360° projection facilities like planetariums at Futuroscope in Poitiers, or the Cité des Sciences in Paris, … These require a lot of resources, both financial and in terms of skills, and they are very difficult to upgrade.

    With Catopsys immersive solutions, you can easily set up your exhibits and shows in available venues and, if required, for smaller audiences. The more immersive, finely targeted experience provided better spectator satisfaction. This enables you to offer more leisure themes to bring your spectators back time and time again. This granularity and upgradability of the equipment guarantees the flexibility of your immersive leisure and entertainment offering.

    Our partners have developed dedicated applications and content integrated into an immersive environment. We can help you find the right solution for your resources and needs. Please send an email to  contact@catopsys.com.