1. Immersive Fab Lab

    A Fab Lab for your virtual reality prototypes

    • Proof of concept for your projects
    • Comprehensive support for your projects: technology, funding, promotion

    universal deployment

    user friendly

    open to innovation

    easy to move


    vue ortho fab  lab


    You already know the FAB LAB principle: a place that’s open to everyone, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, DIY enthusiasts, students and hackers of all kinds, who want to move as fast as possible from the design to the prototyping phase, from the prototyping to the development phase, and from the development to the deployment phase, etc.
    Catopsys provides an Immersive Fab Lab allowing all users to design and develop an immersive virtual reality prototype. This offer meets the following user specification:

    • Budgets less than 10,000 euros
    • Compatible with HD and FHD projectors
    • 180° to 360° projection
    • Supplied with a projection infrastructure or not
    • Optional 3D projection
    • Compatible with most image and video formats
    • Compatible with 3D engines: Ogre, Unity 3D
    • Webinar training available
    • Tech support on forums
    • Possible upgrading to full Catopsys licences

    In addition, thanks to our partners, we provide assistance for funding, industrialising and promoting your project.

    We invite you to tell us about your ideas by email at contact@catopsys.com .