1. Museums & Tourism

    Offer full immersion tours of every museum in the world and other scientific and cultural venues

    • Access to cultural heritage for the young generations
    • Enriching content
    • Interaction
    • Screening content outside exhibition venues

    universal deployment

    user friendly

    Open to innovation

    easy to move


    Today’s museums and other scientific institutions are looking to popularise their heritage and make it meaningful and accessible to all. This trend has given rise to a new museology that no longer focuses on objects or knowledge, but rather on visitor experience. This change of perspective comes hand in hand with a new museographical paradigm, especially with the appearance of immersion technologies. This new approach, in which the visitor “dives” into the core of the subject and “experiences” the message is especially well suited to the Y generation.

    A tourist office can use an immersive structure either to promote its region, or to allow tourists already there to enhance their experience by viewing virtual elements that don’t actually exist.

    Immersive design assistance: the Catopsys artistic director’s team will help the project manager or the design office in charge of museography with the immersive design for its show or exhibition. They will help you answer most questions such as: what are the recommendations for panoramic image capture? What are the right development or post-production software tools ?…



    A ground-breaking project was developed with the Centre for Advanced Renaissance Studies in Tours. The CUMUSI project aims to design and build a prototype and two counterparts of the Cubiculum musicae (“Musical Chamber”), a unit used to acoustically and visually reconstitute historical musical performances. This device takes the form of an enclosure accommodating about ten spectators who virtually move about a reconstituted historical site to a musical accompaniment. An initial prototype was rolled out at the occasion of the first human and social sciences exhibition.