1. Universities & Research

    An affordable immersive environment for Universities and Research centres

    • Design support tools
    • Scientific data display tools
    • Situational simulation
    • Mobilising all sensorial and interactive activities

    For the right budgets

    universal deployment

    user friendly

    Open to innovation

    easy to move


    Catopsys offers every Research Centre and University the solution that matches their level of funding and their multidisciplinary organisation:

    • a FAB Lab infrastructure to start off with and acquire initial experience. Researchers should not have to dedicate a lot of effort to basic immersive tools, they should rather focus on how they can be used in their research and on advanced features that may require development See the Catopsys universe
    • A FAB Lab upgrade to an immersive structure tailored to the experimental needs of the various disciplines
    • An open-ended solution that’s compatible with most virtual reality tools on the market
    • A collaboration agreement and highly attractive pricing conditions on software and hardware produced by Catopsys
    • Technological, financial, marketing and business support for your projects which grow into start-ups

    Whether you’re a researcher in the fields of cognitive science, mechanics, urban planning, or geology, … a versatile virtual reality immersive infrastructure will help you work more effectively. We can help you find the right solution for your resources and requirements: contact us by email at contact@catopsys.com.