1. Video Games

    Video or serious games publishers, build the future of immersive video games with us

    • This is not just a game on a screen, you’re in the game!

    universal deployment

    user friendly

    Open to Innovation

    easy to move


    The future of immersive video games

    • Increase the immersive sensory experience of players with 360° projection for most video games, either with or without consoles.
    • Imagine your adventure, role or combat games with opponents who can jump out from the right, left, back, and sky ….

    Catopsys offers partnerships with video game publishers, and schools specializing in video game design… to invent a new immersive gaming concept.

    • Free availability of the SDK and a software license
    • Free Technical Support
    • Collaborative participation in the upcoming versions of Catopsys
    • Support for funding applications
    • ….

    If you have any questions, suggestions for development of immersive games, or if you want to organize immersive e-sports competitions, please contact us by email atcontact@catopsys.com.